Craft beer events and workshops

Question: What’s better than the taste of a fresh, cold beer?

Answer: Getting to taste a bunch of different fresh, cold beers.

Every month, The Hoppy Brothers offers a series of beer-tasting workshops and master classes where you can learn all sorts of cool stuff about our beers while you get to know them personally.

We take our beer seriously, but that doesn’t mean you’ll confuse our workshops with a physics class. All of our trained beer professionals bring a sense of humor and great energy to our workshops, which make them a fun and relaxed environment in which to expand your knowledge. And, since one of our main goals is to expose customers to new beers, you will often encounter labels and styles that you have never heard of.

EventsPrivate events

If you would like to arrange a more intimate experience with our beer-tasting experts, talk to us about scheduling a private party or corporate event. We love to share our knowledge (and our beer) whenever and wherever we can.

Reward your employees for all their hard work with a fun and exciting beer-tasting event. Or consider spicing up that private party you are planning with a special craft beer workshop. No matter what the occasion, we will work with you to create an event that your guests will never forget.

Share the fun and flavor

Whether public or private, The Hoppy Brothers beer-tasting workshops are the perfect opportunity for you to sample lots of different, delicious beers.

Check out our monthly schedule or contact us today to set up an amazing beer-tasting experience.