Discover our growler stations


Growler stations - What’s that?

Growler stationVisit one of our convenient locations and probably the first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful growler station. This is where we fill large resealable bottles (i.e., growlers) with fresh beer directly from the keg. Why? So that you can enjoy the full flavor of unique craft beers in the comfort of your own home, at a price generally less than you would pay for bottles (if the beer were even available in bottles).

Fresh beer that tastes the way it was meant to
Apart from price considerations, one of the problems with bottled beer is that the bottling and distribution process takes time – time that can cause a great craft beer to lose some of its distinctiveness. A bottle of beer, while still delicious, is not as fresh as a beer taken right from the keg.
By using one of our growler stations, you eliminate the bottling/distribution middleman, and get to experience the beer exactly as the brewer intended: fresh, full-flavored and soul-enriching.

Discover rare, one-of-a-kind brews

Our growGrowler menu - The Hoppy Brothersler stations also give you access to beers that you might otherwise never get to try. Brewers often create trial or limited-edition beers that they only sell by the keg to pubs and restaurants. Unfair, you say? Perhaps.
But now, with our constantly changing selection of new and exceptional beers that you can seal in a growler and take home to taste, your opportunities to expand your horizons are virtually unlimited.

Save the planet

Using one of our growlers is also a terrific way to conserve energy and help preserve the environment. Recycling or returning bottles to the brewery for refilling are both great, but they require energy and some use of nonrenewable materials.
A growler, on the other hand, is eternal (if you’re careful). When you join the growler movement, you not only get to drink outstanding beer, but you do your part to promote a cleaner, less wasteful world.

No longer do you have to rely on your local pub as your sole source of new, interesting, and rare beers. If you love fresh beer and you love preserving the environment, give our growler station a try!