Introduction to food-beer pairing

Pairing: It’s not just for wine

People around the world are finally starting to realize what craft beer lovers have known for a long time: beer is not a low-class drink. And, despite what many still believe, wine is not the only drink for refined tastes and palates.

As more and more breweries and microbreweries sprout up and try new combinations of ingredients and brewing techniques, beer is becoming as complex and varied as wine – and it deserves to be treated with the same respect.

The perfect pairing of food and beer can create an awe-inspiring harmony of flavors, highlighting and elevating both as they dance across your palate. 

Our classes

The Hoppy Brothers offer both beer-food pairing workshops and “cooking with beer” classes. The object of both is to explore how to combine great beer with great food to create something that is even better.

  • In our beer-food pairing class, you will learn the classic flavors and styles that go together. For example, if you are planning to have people over for a barbecue where you are serving burgers, what is the best beer for you to serve? If you are serving fish, which beer will bring just the right zest to enhance the flavor of the entree? The type of beer you choose can have a tremendous effect on your guests’ overall dining experience.
  • In our cooking-with-beer class, you will learn how to use beer as an ingredient to add and bring out incredible flavors in the food you love. We will discuss everything from beer batter, which enhances the flavor of anything you are frying, to beer marinades, which can do amazing things for almost any meat or fish. We will even talk about some of the lesser known, but still outstanding, uses of beer as an ingredient, such as in chili or soup. 

A beer for every occasion

Whether you are planning a dinner party or just want to enhance your daily dining experience, we will teach you everything you need to know – and we’ll make sure you have fun while you’re learning.

Come join our classes and discover why beer and food are the greatest match since Adam and Eve.