Stories about beer

There’s a lot more to craft beer than just a beverage.

Each and every craft beer comes with its own unique history. Our artisans have developed their unique flavours over years of trial and error—finally bringing you the refined tastes you’ve grown to appreciate.

We believe that these stories must be showcased. That’s why we proudly host an online platform known as The Hoppy Hour.

A story behind each brew

What makes craft beer different to commercial beers? Well, it’s more than just organic ingredients, great flavour and specialized brewing methods. An important part of what distinguishes our micro breweries from commercial beers is the stories behind each beer. Every variant we promote has a history behind it—and these stories are told on The Hoppy Hour. 

Getting to know our artisan brewers

There’s something very personal about selecting a craft beer as your beverage of choice. Someone was intimately involved in bringing you that beer, and we want you to understand the story behind it. Read about the creators of your favourite beer and be a part of the culture you’re experiencing.

The personality of different craft beers

Beer styles have to do with how various types of beer are created. As you are aware, there are various differences between a beer, ale, stout and lager. There are other styles that are emerging too; some of which are returning old favourites, and others that are new on the scene. This portion of our website explains these differences and looks at how each one is created.